We launched a fork, 100% community owned and governed, after seeing misaligned incentives played out in similar projects.

Swerve is built for the people, and with that, no token allocation was taken from distribution for the developers or costs, intentionally. This is an experiment in protocol price discovery, and by design, everything goes to the LPs and community.

The people get everything. All the tokens, all the decisions.

We went into this expecting not to make any money. We wanted LPs to get everything and decide what they want to do with it. With that being said, many of you have kindly reached out over the past days trying to donate to the developer. While the costs of launching Swerve weren't astronomical, deployment did cost some Ether.

If you wish to directly donate, an Ethereum address is below. This is entirely for people who wish to just directly donate a small sum. It is extremely kind that many of you have asked.



Thank you once again, I am very humbled by the response to Swerve and look forward to continuing working on this project with you all.

Your lowly farmer,

John Fuckin' Deere

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